domingo, 28 de octubre de 2012

#CityRegion Think Tank: Euskal Hiria & Basque City

The aim of the project is to scale-up an E-Governance Platform for the Participative Design & Dynamization of the Bottom-Up Territorial Strategy for the Territorial Planning & Water ViceMinistry of the Basque Government. The first milestone of this project is linked with the celebration of the annual Congress. This year, this project will add some value to the Basque Government with a sustainable, original and high-impact digital and social Governance: (a) Model, (b) Process and (c) Tool.

The Think Tank is going to be launched officially at this event. After the event, keeping up this digital and face-to-face social and sustainable participation dynamic is going to be crucial for this platform in the thematic domain of the #CityRegion. The output should be a powerful participative process & a tool to design and implement the Territorial Strategy from a bottom-up and dynamic perspective with all the agents/stakeholders in a specific geographic unit.

#CityRegion 4 System's Model

#CityRegion hashtag cloud


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